ToneyKorf focuses on increasing revenues, reducing costs, and stabilizing organizations that are experiencing strategic, operational, or financial challenges. We aid our clients through management and advisory services.

Management Services

  • Interim

    Is your organization facing executive turnover?
    We provide senior level TECHNICAL and EMOTIONAL EXPERTISE to provide stability through periods of uncertainty.

  • Operations

    Could process improvements help the operations of your organization?
    We are PREPARED for difficult situations and we become PARTNERS of the client.

  • Strategic

    Does your organization need help implementing new initiatives or developing strategies for growth?
    We LEAD organizations that are experiencing strategic, operational, or financial challenges.

  • Revitalization

    Is your business stagnant?
    We COMMIT to help create strategies, plans, and implementations that revitalize our clients.

  • Crisis

    Is your business and reputation at risk?
    We are not distracted by the noise of chaos…we PERSEVERE through the challenges for the right outcome.

  • Transformation

    Are you looking to increase your ability to better serve your clients and remain competitive?
    We FOCUS on transforming organizations by increasing revenue, reducing costs, and incorporating key constituents into the processes.

Advisory Services

  • Strategic Alternatives

    Are you looking to maintain your competitive advantage?
    Our team is experienced at assessing issues and identifying ACHIEVABLE solutions.

  • Revitalization Plans

    Do you need help assessing plans that could revitalize your business?
    We are PASSIONATE about helping clients achieve their goals.

  • Transformation Planning

    Do you need help developing and implementing a transformation strategy that will help your business achieve lasting results?
    We are INVESTED in every client's long-term success.

  • Transactional Services

    Is your organization considering a merger or acquisition? Or considering divesting or closing portions of the business?
    We provide EXPERTISE to evaluate and integrate alternatives.

  • Viability Review

    Are you concerned about your organization’s ability to survive in the current market?
    We provide TECHNICAL and EMOTIONAL EXPERTISE in difficult situations.

The TKP team has a certain way of interacting that allows them to learn what is important to us and gets them deep into problem solving.
Let's Build A Future Together