We are typically hired by decision makers who want CLEAR DIRECTIONS, REAL ACTIONS, and are not accepting the status quo.

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Industry Experience

  • Automotive

    ToneyKorf’s recent experience during a time of significant change in the Automotive Industry includes management consulting services in several high-profile engagements.  

  • Financial Services

    The unique and evolving financial services market requires management consultants with deep and proven expertise to drive value and execute strategic options.

  • Healthcare

    ToneyKorf’s professionals are experts in understanding and analyzing complex healthcare challenges as well as developing and leading transformation to create sustainable value for healthcare organizations and their communities.

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  • Manufacturing and Distribution

    ToneyKorf has direct experience in refocusing failing Manufacturing & Distribution institutions and moving them forward in an evolving sector.

  • Mining and Energy

    ToneyKorf’s professionals have a successful track record of providing key management and advisory services to companies in the mining industry.

  • Professional Services

    ToneyKorf’s clear communications and actions in every situation demonstrate an analysis and understanding that focuses the Professional Services organization to help achieve meaningful results.  

  • Real Estate

    ToneyKorf has provided management and advisory services to some of the largest real estate deals with a commitment to making a difference and effecting positive change.

  • Retail, Restaurants, and Services

    ToneyKorf professionals have significant experience creating substantial value for retail, restaurant, and service organizations through an entire range of processes that includes identifying and implementing cost reductions, managing cash flows and working capital, developing strategic planning frameworks, implementing performance improvement measures, and executing revitalization initiatives. 

  • Transportation

    ToneyKorf can help Transportation Companies deliver results and optimize performance.

Our team members have worked with some of the largest organizations

TKP are leaders in healthcare: they can come in and make decisions the next day. They are fast and smart.
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