ToneyKorf Partners, LLC (“ToneyKorf”) proudly sponsors BANKRUPT TALENT, an annual Rock & Roll musical benefit founded in 2009 by ToneyKorf’s own Randa Karambelas and officially named Bankrupt Talent in 2011. Originally started as a musical fundraiser to celebrate her birthday in a small cabaret club downtown, Bankrupt Talent has now evolved into an annual event at the famous Le Poisson Rouge.

The 2018 concert marked a special occasion, our 10th Anniversary. ToneyKorf joined forces with Gavin/Solmonese to present a Greatest Hits Rock & Roll Musical Benefit raising a record breaking total of $108,000 for the Make A Film Foundation, a non-profit organization that grants film wishes to children who have serious or life-threatening medical conditions by teaming with noted Film and TV actors, directors and writers.

Keeping up the tradition, by performing everything from the Jackson Five to Nirvana, musical host, Randa Karambelas, joined together with past Bankrupt Talent performers and new special guests from the restructuring and insolvency community. Everyone donating their time and talent so that 100% of all money raised would go directly to charity.

Organizations supported by the event in previous years have included:

  • ABI’s Anthony H.N. Schnelling Endowment Fund
  • Change for Kids
  • Chordoma Foundation, The
  • Cycle for Survival
  • Good Grief
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Little Spoon, Big Spoon Productions, LLC
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, The
  • New Alternatives
  • Save the Children
  • Sisters of Charity
  • Stockings with Care

The 2017 concert raised over $52,000 for Good Grief and New Alternatives, both committed to supporting and empowering children and young adults in our community.

Frequent headliners in Bankrupt Talent include Steve Korf, a founding member of ToneyKorf, who plays piano and percussion, and Tom Korf, a Managing Director in the firm, who plays guitar.

Other Bankrupt Talent performers have included prominent insolvency professionals as Charlie Berk, John Buck, Jamie Cote, Brad Daniel, Louis Dudney, Jack Esher, Ted Gavin, Steven Golick, Steven Golub, Bobby Guy, Beth Hansen, Allison Herriott, Neil Herman, Lance Ignon, George Kelakos, Terri Kelsey, Robert LeHane, Carol Levine, John Lyons, Glenn Moses, Greg Milmoe, Evan Plemenos, Joseph & Michael Richman, Mitch Ryan, Tom Salerno, John Seitz, Mary Kate Serratelli, Lindsay Tasher, Barak Tulin, Jeremy VanEtten, Mark Welch and Steven Ziolkowski. Bankrupt Talent is musically directed by David Fletcher, a local NYC Musician and husband of bankruptcy attorney Stephanie Wickouski.

Each year everyone involved donates their time and talent so that 100% of all ticket sales and corporate donations go directly to the selected charities. All expenses are covered by ToneyKorf Partners and Gavin/Solmonese.

For information about participating in an upcoming Bankrupt Talent event, please contact Randa Karambelas at or 855-TKP-1212, Ext. 117.

Barak Tulin, Carol Levine, Jeremy VanEtten, Ted Gavin, John Lyons and Steve Korf hidden in the background on drums (from left to right)

Randa Karambelas and Bobby Guy kicking off the 2014 Bankrupt Talent at Le Poisson Rouge

Sharing the love (from left to right) Joe Richman, Tom Korf, Bob Lehane and John Lyons

Bobby Guy jamming with John Lyons and Steve Korf on drums in 2014 at Le Poisson Rouge

Tom Korf relishing in the moment

Steve Korf and Randa Karambelas performing "Let it Be" in the 2014 Bankrupt Talent performance

Steve Korf and John Lyons rocking some Green Day!

Group Love at 2015's Bankrupt Talent

Bankrupt Talent 2015 enjoying the Finale - Don't Stop Believing

Neil Herman singing one of his originals in 2015

Greg Milmoe and Allison Herriott bringing some Broadway to Bankrupt Talent in 2011

The 2014 Bankrupt Talent Finale - Green Day's "Good Riddance (hope you had the time of your life)

John Buck, John Seitz and Tom Salerno with Randa Karambelas in 2011's Bankrupt Talent

Giving voice to their own version of the 1969 classic, "War" (from L - R) Randa Karambelas, Barak Tulin, Carol Levine, Bob LeHane and Ted Gavin

Steve Korf in his debut piano performance with Randa Karambelas, presenting "Someone Like You" by Adele

John Lyons showing his Bankrupt Talent Spirit

Greg Milmoe leading the charge with his version of "Chances Are" with Barak Tulin, Bob LeHane, Anthony Pulgram, Carol Levine and Randa Karambelas

Randa Karambelas and Jeremy VanEtten battle it out vocally in 2015

Steve Korf holding down the rhythm on drums

Barak Tulin and Tom Korf belt out some Beatles, as Ted Gavin and Steve Korf rock it out in the 2015 concert

Got Horns?!? Joe Richman, Steven Golick and Steven Golub playing the brass with Bobby Guy and Ted Gavin on Guitar & Bass

Group numbers are fun! Tom Salerno, Brad Daniel, Carol Levine, Barak Tulin, Randa Karambelas, Steve Korf and Ted Gavin sharing the stage

Brad Daniel showing off his Elton John chops in Bankrupt Talent 2015

Steven Golub charming us with his tenor sax in 2015

Michael Richman on Piano and Vocals in Bankrupt Talent's 2015 concert

Steve Korf enjoying the moment with Bob LeHane during 2015's concert

Tom Korf leading the gang in Bankrupt Talent's 2015 rendition of "Touch Me"

A moment between friends with Randa Karambelas and Steven Golick. Mitch Ryan, Bobby Guy and Louis Dudney providing the music

Jeremy VanEatten and Ted Gavin rockin' some Foo Fighters in 2015

Bobby Guy playing one of his originals at the 2011 Bankrupt Talent

The 2014 Bankrupt Talent at Le Poisson Rouge