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Hoop Holdings Inc. held the license for operating the Walt Disney branded children’s stores in the United States and Canada. Due to under performance, the Company filed for bankruptcy in April 2008.

Summary of Execution and Results

Our professionals served as members of the debtor’s advisory team during the pre-bankruptcy planning and filing process through the plan of reorganization and the establishment of an Unsecured Creditors Trust (“the Trust”). We conducted the Section 363 auction and sale on the license and remaining stores. The trust involved highly specialized issues, including cross border claims, the Canadian entity receivership, final domestic and international tax filings, and settlement of disputed tax claims. The trust was closed in 2013, with unsecured creditors receiving a 75% recovery on their claims.

TKP is unique among consultants: excellent personal service and very invested in the client. They do not consider themselves consultants, but rather part of the entity with which they are working.
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