Solutions Tailored for Each Client Based on Specific Situations

Our clients include Corporations, Lenders, Private Equity Investors, Law Firms, Government Agencies, Foundations, Not-for-Profits and other stakeholders. We serve clients nationally and in several industries, with deep experience in the healthcare industry and healthcare related organizations. Our professionals provide an independent and objective view to issues affecting clients with no attachment to historical views or preferences.

Our project leaders are experienced at quickly assessing issues and identifying solutions, and our teams serve clients in management and advisory roles, typically reporting to the Board of Directors or Trustees. We offer a comprehensive slate of customized solutions tailored for each client based on the circumstances and situation faced by each client, because we strongly believe that one-size services don't fit all.

Underperforming Companies

More time to consider long-term options and approach

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Stressed Companies

Risk mitigation and medium-term planning required

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Distressed Companies

Time is critical;
instant action required

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Insolvent Companies

Requires court reorganization proceeding

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ToneyKorf is a leading business advisory firm of experience-based professionals who specialize in creating value and restoring performance at every stage of the business life-cycle.

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