“Halfway through, you realize that the advisors you paid for are not the same ones you got”

Experience matters: there is no substitute for senior-level expertise gained through a professional life-time of corporate and consulting experience. Many outside advisors will lead with an experienced sales team, only to provide you with a not-so-experienced execution team. At ToneyKorf Partners, our lead team is also the execution team. That’s’ because our professionals have extensive backgrounds in operations management, corporate finance, and accounting, and have participated in some of the largest successful turnaround, restructuring and interim management engagements across a variety of industries.

When you work with ToneyKorf Partners, you always get the senior level experience you’ve paid for.

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“The challenge for clients is rarely finding the problems; it’s finding the solutions”

It is very difficult to be objective if you are inside the process; that is why clients look to outside advisors to provide a fresh, unbiased perspective based on directness and truth. Most clients have already identified the problems they face, and need help in identifying and creating solutions. Based on our many years of providing solutions to clients in challenging situations, we have found that improvement only works if key stakeholders understand available options and are aligned and supportive. We’ve also found that early results matter. Quickly focusing on the “big and easy” opportunities is a crucial first step.

Many outside advisors can tell you what is wrong; ToneyKorf Partners is committed to working with you to find solutions and get results.

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“Outside advisors who want to start from scratch often fail; better to build on the work already done”

The foundation of our engagements is based on independence and objectivity. Our professionals provide an independent and objective view to issues affecting clients with no attachment to historical views or preferences. We have senior level restructuring resources across the country to provide a proficient team to meet your industry and geographic needs in a cost-effective manner. No agendas, nothing to protect, no bias; we seek only the best answers for our clients. Our teams have the capability and knowledge to efficiently grasp on the countless issues that our clients face as they navigate corporate change.

ToneyKorf Partners believes that long-term relationships are built by directness, solutions, and results.

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ToneyKorf is a leading business advisory firm of experience-based professionals who specialize in creating value and restoring performance at every stage of the business life-cycle.

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